Mother’s Day and Eat-What-You-Want-Day

What a Surprise!

eat what you want dayAccording to the Holiday Calendar, May 11 is Eat-What-You-Want-Day, which correlates this year with Mother’s Day.  Well, this day is definitely not a day to promote diets. Many families will go out for lunch or dinner and in one way or the other indulge in sweet pastry, ice cream or chocolate treats . Therefore, speaking about Eat-What-Youn-Want-Day: it is one single day in the year to go off your diet and eat something you really enjoy. Today, you can set aside your dietary “NO” list.

It does not mean to go off an ethical diet, let’s say, you don’t eat meat for spiritual reasons, well, this day will not take you to a steak house. If you have a medical issue, please don’t blame the day for getting too much sugar, wheat or salt. It is not intended to eat as much as you want. Rather, the goal is to eat something you otherwise would not have.
Sometimes we consider trying something new but then we don’t do it.

a)      Like, learning about a different culture. Have you ever eaten Ethiopian food or Croatian Food? Maybe this is the day!

b)      Have you read about RAW Foods, but then – never tried a complete day? Well, maybe this is your day! How about a healthy last minute gift to Mom: taking care of her foods for a whole day – and she might love the idea to get the raw-food-glow and even lose weight. Girls, we want to look marvelous, don’t we?
divine organics raw breakfastCheck out our suggestion here: ONE DAY RAW

Enjoy, it is the Day to eat what YOU want, not a mind’s craving, not an emotional hole to fill.  In this culture we have learned to eat out of boredom and loneliness. Mother’s Day and Eat-What-Want-Day can be a happy approach to conscious eating,  taking care of ourselves and each others. How many hours do we focus on work, schedule, phone, games, FB, and feed quickly without attention and love. Well, this is your day to socialize,  give love and to make a change!

Parisian Hot Chocolate

Raw hot chocolateThe perfect Holiday Hot Chocolate for cuddling, cold winter nights, and special occasions. A twist on tradition: rich, creamy, nutrient-dense. Sip by sip, pure goodness and decadence.

(4 demitasse servings), vegan


  • 2 cups Almond milk (soak DIVINE ORGANICS Raw Almonds overnight and blend 1 cup of soaked almonds with 3 cups lukewarm water. Strain the milk. Take out 2 cups)
  • 3.5 OZ DIVINE ORGANICS Raw Organic Cacao Paste
  • ½ cup lukewarm water
  • 3 TBSP DIVINE ORGANICS Organic Thai Coconut Sugar
  • ¼ TSP DIVINE ORGANICS Raw Organic Ground Vanilla
  • hint of ROYAL HIMALAYAN Pink Crystal Salt
  • Cinnamon sticks and Star Anise for beauty and fragrance.

Melt the cacao paste in a traditional Bain-Marie with 1/2 cup of water. Stir frequently and blend the coconut sugar into the dissolving paste. Whisk until all ingredients are dissolved and thoroughly blended.

Continue using your whisker to add 1 cup of lukewarm almond milk to the cacao paste, do it very slowly and allow the ingredients to blend and warm up together. Add the coconut sugar, vanilla and Himalayan Salt and continue whisking, adding slowly one more cup of almond milk. Whisk while the liquid heats up. You will be rewarded with a creamy deeply flavorful hot chocolate.

Serve in warmed espresso or tea cups with a cinnamon stick and decorate with star anise.

Vitamix user: First flush the glass with hot water to warm up the blender. Melt the cacao paste as instructed with the coconut sugar, pour it into the Vitamix. Add the vanilla and the Himalayan Salt. Blend in little by little one cup of the almond milk. Let it sit for about 10 min.

Blend on high speed for a second time, adding slowly one more cup of almond milk, and “heat” up the chocolate for three or four minutes using your Vitamix. The result is a warm, creamy and deeply flavorful hot chocolate.

Serve in warmed espresso or tea cups with a cinnamon stick and decorate with star anise.