Spirulina Special


DIVINE ORGANICS Blue-Green Spirulina Powder & Chips:
100% Pure Spirulina Platensis,
dried at low temperature. Origin: The pristine Andes mountains of Ecuador. Tested: Heavy metals and Radiation FREE!


NEW! In blue-glass container!

  • Spirulina Chips, 2 oz – (in glass)
  • $14.95


  • Spirulina Powder, 10 oz – (in glass)
  • $29.99


DIVINE ORGANICS BLUE-GREEN Spirulina is offered asĀ SPIRULINA CHIPS (these are not flakes)
Our Spirulina Chips are made from fresh Spirulina, formed into crunchy delectable textured chips. This bite-size power houses can be snacked, as the most nutrient dense superfood, just by itself; mixed with White Mulberries as a low glycemic treat, sprinkled over soups, salads, yogurt, cereals; they taste amazing on simple avocado slices, or even serve as a topping on ice cream. They are a perfect gluten-free substitute for croutons.
Divine Organics Spirulina chippings, Inka Spirulina





  • reg. $ 9.95 — Spirulina Chips, kosher, 1 oz
  • (in pouchbag)
    SPECIAL OFFER: 3 bags $ 21.95


  • reg. $ 29.95 — Spirulina Chips, kosher, 4 oz
  • (in pouchbag)
    ONLY $ 24.95

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