Divine Organics Inka SpirulinaSpirulina Powder
Spirulina is a blue-green micro algae, complete nutrition just by itself.

  • Up to 70% bioavailable vegan protein
  • high ORAC of 24.000
  • high in chlorophyll for healthy pH-and oxygen levels
  • removes toxins from the blood
  • high in bioavailable iron, calcium and essential spectrum of minerals
  • positive effect on weight loss, high blood pressure, allergies, radioactivity exposure, heavy metal exposure, fat burning aid.
  • Spirulina Powder, kosher, 16 oz
  • (in pouchbag) — special price!
    ONLY $ 32.95

tocos-plus-with-spoonTocos Plus
Tocos Plus is a sweet delicious whole food mechanically processed from 100 % rice bran. The result is a very fine powder which is loved by adults as well as children. It blends wonderfully into fruit salads, cereals, mixed with water, juice and nut milks. It is a fountain of energy without overloading the body with sugar. Vitamin E is essential for healthy glowing skin. Therefore specialists also use our Tocos Plus externaly for natural beauty products.

Tocos Plus is very rich in Vitamin E, Tocopherol and especially Tocotrienols. Besides to that it is abundant in Vitamin B, Selenium, healthy Omegas and an array of trace minerals.

  • $34.99 — 16 oz jar Tocos Plus