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SOLE is the super saturated salt-water brine created by combining ROYAL HIMALAYAN Pink Crystal Salt and high quality water. One Teaspoon of Sole in 8 oz pure spring water daily best on an empty stomach is sufficient to receive an array of health benefits.

Why We Need to Drink Sole
Royal Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt contains all minerals and trace elements in the same proportion as found in our cells; fully absorbable due to its electrical nature. Drinking Sole Water assists in the absorption of all other nutrients in our food and supplements. Drinking Sole Water boosts our body’s energy. It replenishes the electrolytes after exercising or a stressful day. Drinking Sole Water helps to balance pH and osmotic pressures within and around the cells. Drinking Sole Water improves sleep, focus and mental clarity. Drinking Sole Water supports the body during a detox, when exposed to cell phone and electromagnetic pollution. Also adds in heavy metal detox.

You energize and detoxify the body – you look and feel great!

stones for soleRoyal Himalayan STONES for SOLE

These diamond-like crystals of natural Himalayan Ancient Pink Salt contain trace minerals essential for life. Used for making SOLE, a daily infusion of energy balancing elixir. A highly effective natural product to maintain optimum mineral performance in the human body. This salt has been shown in clinical studies to be effective in helping to stabilize pH and balance Oxidative Stress numbers in the human body.

  • $12.95 – (1 lb)

bath saltsRoyal Himalayan Bath Crystals

In contrast to a normal bath in which moisture is extracted from the skin, the bathing in Himalayan Sea Salt allows high energetic salt to be stored in the upper callus layer of the skin and binds water. This maintains the natural, protective film of the skin and the skin does not dry out. This is the reason why salt baths are good for dry skin as well.

This bath will clean and rejuvenate your cells, relax and harmonize the mind & body patterns: bath in an ocean of pristine energy! For Wellness Bath or Moon Rhythm Bath. Packed by the kilo (2.2 lb).Save by buying 5 or 10 kilo.

  • $19.95 – Royal Himalayan Bath Crystals, 1 Kg (2.2lbs)
  • $53.95 – Royal Himalayan Bath Crystals, 2 Kg (6.6lbs)
  • $79.95 – Royal Himalayan Bath Crystals, 5 Kg (11lbs)

salt barsCrystal Salt Bar

Natural Deodorant: smoothly shaped natural Himalayan Salt bar for exfoliation and re-mineralization of the skin.

It can be used as a natural and healthy alternative for eliminating odor-causing bacteria. When applied wet to the skin, it leaves an invisible, protective layer of salt that works throughout the day to prevent odor caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration. Your skin will stay fresh and clean without clogging your pores.

  • $5.95 – Crystal Salt Bar, 5oz (sorry, out of stock, please buy on backorder)

salt heartCrystal Salt Heart

A heart-shaped gift version of the Crystal Salt Bar. Packed in a 100% pure Cotton bag.

  • $7.95 – Crystal Salt Heart (sorry, out of stock, please buy on backorder)

water & salt book“Water & Salt” Book

The book will give you a whole new perspective on the symbiotic relationship on Water & Salt, food, energy and consciousness.

  • $29.80 – Water & Salt Book

sunflowerHealth Combo Pack Special!

– 1 Lb Royal Himalayan Stones for Sole &
– 2 kilo Himalayan Bathcrystals &
– 1 Lb Royal Himalayan Fine Salt &
– 1 Book “Water&Salt”

You save $ 17.65!!!

  • $79.95 – Health Combo Special