Berries & Nuts

Raw, Delicious Dried Fruits, Berries & Nuts!

Bliss Mix
Rated as the best raw trail mix with the highest quality ingredients! Organic Pistachios, organic Himalayan Raisins, organic Mulberries, organic Gojiberries, finest Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts, organic Cashews, organic Cacao Nibs.

  • $9.99 — Bliss Mix, raw, 7oz bag , kosher
  • $19.95 — Bliss Mix, raw, 14oz bag , kosher
  • $74.95 — Bliss Mix, raw, 4 lbs bag, kosher
  • $169.00 — Bliss Mix, raw, 9 lbs bag, kosher

Golden Princess Mix, certified organic, kosher
An elegant mix of supreme organic Princess Pistachios and organic Himalayan Golden Raisins. Pistachios are very high in Lutein for healthy eyes, heart and brain. Himalayan Raisins are loaded with trace minerals from the pristine glacier waters of the remote valleys in the Himalayas.

  • $10.95 — Princess Mix, 7oz,, kosher

Wild MacMulberry Mix, certified organic, kosherDivine Organics MacMulberry Mix
Expect an adventure of flavors with our mix of organic Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts and organic Mulberries!

A super healthy combo of Vitamin E, K, E, Folate, Selenium, Beta Carotene, and other antioxidants with Fiber, Protein, Calcium, Iron, Phytonutrients and mono-unsaturated fats. Very low in sodium and no cholesterol.

  • $9.99 — MacMulberry Mix, 7oz,, kosher

Pure organic Gojiberries, certified organic, kosherDivine Organics Gojiberries
Our Organic Gojiberries are an ocean of energy, loaded with antioxidants and high beneficial vitamins, minerals and amino acids. A small handful of berries a day is all we need to have the longevity effect that this tiny berry is famous for.

  • $12.99 – Gojiberries, raw, 7oz , kosher
  • $19.99 — Gojiberries, raw, 14 oz, kosher

Turkish Hazelnuts, certified organic, kosherDivine Organics Turkish Hazelnuts
Closest to the Meditarenean sweet acorn which was one of the main staples of the Old Greek according to Pythagoras who himself ate mainly “unfired” food.
Our variety is rich in protein, unsaturated fat and oleic acid, Vitamin B, E, Copper, Manganese and healthy antioxidants. Balances great with raw Cacao.

  • $8.50 — Raw Turkish Hazelnuts, (SHELLED), 7oz bag,, kosher

Incan Berries, certified organic, kosherDivine Organics Incanberries
Wild-crafted organic raw Incan Berries are also called Golden Berries and Cape Gooseberries. Sweet, slightly tart and juicy when fresh, tangy sweet when dried. Full of nutrients and rich in Vitamin A, B, C, Phosphor, Iron and high in Protein. Our berries are hand selected, sun-dried and unprocessed.

  • $ 9.99 — 7 oz bag Incan Berries,, kosher

White Mulberries, certified organic, kosherDivine Organics Sundried Mulberries
Raw, organic sun-dried white Mulberries are a good source of Vitamin E, K, E, Folate, Selenium, Beta Carotine and other important antioxidants. Very low Glycemic load. Enjoy straight out of the bag or soaked, add to your fruit salad, morning breakfast cereal, and home made snacks, salads and as a substitute for raisins.

  • $8.95 — White Mulberries, 7oz bag,, kosher
  • $16.95 — White Mulberries, 14 oz bag,, kosher

Himalayan Raisins, certified organic, kosherDivine Organics Hialayan raisins
Raw, organic, hand-picked and sun-dried. High in Manganese, Iron, Copper, Magnesium, B Vitamins (even B6 and B12) and C. As they are irrigated with pristine glacier water they also contain rare trace minerals which give our Himalayan Raisins their unique flavor and health value.

  • $6.95 — Him. Golden Raisins, 7oz bag,, kosher

Californian Almonds, certified organic, kosherDivine Organics Almonds
Our Californian Almonds are pasteurized, and tested: 85% sproutable. They are sweet and fragrant. Though they are not a 100% raw ingredient, raw food chefs give it preference to the Italian Almonds because of the perfect crunch and taste in pastries. Almonds are a healthy source of Protein, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron and Vitamin E, Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats. A handful of raw almonds is a delicious protein supply with healthy fats. Use: great for making nut milk, pate, raw treats and pastries.

  • $ 7.95 — 7 oz bag Californian Almonds,, kosher

Unpasteurized Italian Almonds, certified organic, kosherorganic unpasteurized almonds
Our Italian Almonds are farm sourced and harvested by hand. Their live enzymes are intact and fully bio-available after soaking. Almonds are gluten-free, low in sugars, rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and high in insoluble fiber. Uses: fresh live almond milk, snack and trail mix, baking, raw deserts and nut cheese.

  • $ 7.95 — 7 oz Unpasteurized Italian Almonds, certified organic, kosher
  • $ 13.95 — 16 oz Unpasteurized Italian Almonds, certified organic, kosher

Raw Indonesian Cashews, certified organic, kosher
Our creamy Indonesian Cashews are carefully processed to maintain their natural RAW state during the shelling process. They are naturally sweet and delicious. You taste the difference in freshness and quality. Great for raw food preparations, baking, cooking and snacking. Cashews are high in B vitamins, Folate, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Phosphorus, Selenium, Copper and Potassium. They have less fat than other nuts and 75% of the un-saturated fatty acid content is oleic acid, the same heart-healthy fat found in Olive Oil.

  • 7.99 —7 oz bag of Raw Indonesian Cashews,, kosher
  • 14.99 —16 oz bag of Raw Indonesian Cashews,, kosher

Macademia Nuts, certified organic, kosher

  • $17.25 — Macademia Nuts, 7oz bag,, kosher
  • $33.00 — Macademia Nuts, 14 oz bag,, kosher

Princess Pistachios, certified organic, kosherDivine Organics Pistachios
Our Pistachios are sourced in California, raw and unsalted. They are among the best sources of antioxidants to maintain healthy eyes, heart and brain. High in protein, Lutein, B6, Copper and Phosphorus. Pistachios can be enjoyed straight out of the bag, soaked and blended to make sweet creams, ice cream, pastry, nut milk, try them savory or sweet.

  • $11.95 — 7oz bag Princess Pistachios, certified organic, kosher