Congratulations! Vegan Iron Chef Lisa Books-Williams

lisa winning iron chef

23rd of March: Everybody in our company is excited and we keep the fingers crossed, sending her the best vibes — Chef Lisa has all what it takes to win the Vegan Iron Chef Competition — and then announced:

Chef Lisa is the winner of the VEGAN IRON CHEF Competition in San Francisco! And we could not be more proud: Lisa wins with Divine Organics Ingredients!


In one sentence we could wrap it up: Chef Lisa’s food: delicious + Lisa’s personality: passionate = Result: Winner. But maybe you would like to know more about her:

Lisa Books Williams after weight lossA Real Rawfood Success Story

Lisa holds a Master of Science degree in Recreation Therapy from California State University and an undergraduate degree from Temple University in Pennsylvania.

Her broad professional experience and caring personality has allowed her to touch many lives: She has been involved with the Veterans Administration, Rosewood Gardens Senior Living Center, and Crestwood Behavioral Health. She has worked with aging populations and brain injury patients suffering from Dementia and Alzheimers disease and given them therapy designed to stimulate cognition and sensory integration for those patients with mild to severe cognitive impairment.

As part of her complete holistic approach to healthier living, Lisa began to teach holistic nutritional practices focused around the vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan lifestyle. It was not till then when Lisa released more than 100 lbs and regained her vitality through healthy eating.

lisa winning iron chef

Today, Lisa is a popular and much sought after chef, caterer and presenter in the San Francisco Bay area; she presented at the Raw Living Expo in Sedona, Vegan Earth Day in Berkeley and currently teaches classes for Kaiser Permanente to staff and patients. She consults at Care Facilities and brings  therapeutic vegan cooking classes and raw/”live” food classes to persons with disabilities in institutionalized care.

Besides to the First Place as Vegan Iron Chef, Lisa also won the Best of Raw New York Competition in 2010. Lisa has been invited to present raw foods in China, October 2013, and raises funds for her journey. If you are interested in a wonderful dinner, class or presentation, please go ahead and contact Chef Lisa at directly.


 “I feel Divinely inspired to create.
I meditate daily and ideas 
pop into my head.”
Lisa Books-Williams