CALIFORNIA PROP 65 WARNING: Why is it on my Superfood?

california-prop-65-iconCal Prop 65 is California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. Companies are required to place a warning label on any product they sell within California if it exceeds the level, that the State has established as risk free for a list of over eight hundred chemicals. These standards are specific to the state of California only. The standard in California is more stringent than what is required at the U.S. federal level, and by other governments including Canada and the European Union.

Under Cal Prop 65, the State of California has determined a safety zone for these chemicals. This was calculated by identifying the level of exposure that has been shown to have no observable effect and then dividing that level by 1,000, to provide a very large margin of safety. This margin has been proven in various cases to be calculated so low, that it has conflicted when the minerals are occurring naturally in the soil. California is the only state that requires warning labels at this low of a level.

DIVINE ORGANICS nuts, berries and superfood ingredients are 100% pure, derived solely from pristine, strong, healthy plants. They are grown with organic agricultural processes; some of our products are wild-crafted. To the best of our knowledge, no chemicals are used to grow it, nor are they added to it, or introduced during the processing of these products.

Chemicals that may trigger this requirement, such as Lead, Cadmium, Nickel and Arsenic, have been found in products of some of the other companies within the superfood industry.
Though these elements are naturally present in the fertile soil where they are metabolized by plants and play a vital part in a balanced and nutrient-dense diet, the same elements can be extracted and isolated, as they are used in a concentrated toxic form for paints, chemicals, cleaners, solvents, glues, even pharmaceuticals. Prop 65 requires a warning that the product might contain a very small amount of this chemical, despite to its origin. You may find a label on following items:


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