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Divine Organics is a health and wellness, organic food line. We are based in Marin County, Northern California. Recognized as being the leader in sourcing and providing company owned, sustainable farm-grown superfoods and cutting edge wellness products to the community. Divine Organics’s motto is, ‘LIFE FROM LIFE, ENERGY FROM ENERGY’. Divine Organics supports sustainable and family-owned farms located in South America, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Ecuador, and Peru.

DIVINE ORGANICS was founded by David Kaplan with a vision and passion to bring super premium, unique, and organic raw food to the market. The idea of a company came on the advice of saint who stated that mankind would soon need higher vibration, living foods in order to survive the rough times ahead:

“This advice came to me after a near fatal internal medical condition almost killed me and I knew that humankind would need living food to reach a new level of health and consciousness for creating a bright and happy future on this planet as I was learning myself while also teaching vegetarianism, meditation and sharing the benefits of the authentic spiritual practice.

“I then moved to Hawaii where I bought two pieces of property and developed two organic sustainable farms.  One farm was called Cosmic Acres (eventually purchased from me by my neighbor, actor Woody Harrelson), and the other was called Shangri La.  I housed, clothed, and fed people from far and wide who came to the Maui farms in search of some healing and to learn sustainable agriculture, meditation and a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. I was determined to use the money I made to help set up spiritually secure, sustainable and self-sufficient farms that would weather the storms to come.

“As a raw food practitioner and consultant for over thirty years, I have built a company that now imports and distributes the finest gourmet line of superfoods and raw ingredients. Most of the ingredients are sourced from small sustainable family farms in South America, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. The farmers are paid higher than usual wages, and are happy about how their life purpose and standard of living has improved. Products ranging from salt to nuts are being imported and distributed to chefs, restaurants, stores, spas, doctors and manufacturers throughout the country and abroad.

DIVINE ORGANICS is the only organic food company to have received five excellence awards from NaturalNews.com, one of the largest and most trusted health news reporting sites on the Internet, founded by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

“The philosophy at DIVINE ORGANICS is simple:
Our goal is to create a new possibility for everybody, making all changes to experience vibrant health, high energy and awareness that leads to peace and harmony within Us and on Earth.”

—David Kaplan, founder

Today, DIVINE ORGANICS, is a dba of Transition Nutrition and is located in Marin County, California. Divine Organics is supplying more than 50 products to the best health food and gourmet stores in the country, restaurants, chefs, spas and wholesalers across the nations.

Current projects of 2015 include:

  • expanding our Thai Coconut product line;
  • redesign of packaging and website;
  • supporting family owned sustainable farms in Peru and Indonesia.
  • educating and informing consumers to optimize and simplify their lifestyle with the best food, best thinking and supreme values to stay happy and healthy.